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Pocketful of Sunshine

When i arrived at Bacolod, I knew i had to have dinner at 1925 in Silay. I was so excited that i was already pre-ordering food the minute I arrived at my house! There’s something about that place the draws me in. My cousin, Isa, was dying to watch NeverSayNever so right after dinner, we hustled over to Robinsons in the city to catch the last showing. 

- on the waaay!-

-Artu &I -

The next morning we started our trip to Sipalay. Yet another place i love! It’s like our own little paradise in the sun. Needless to say, the minute we got there i changed and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun and hanging out with Artu, George, Jaime, Amanda, Isa and Mari. 

- Isa & George-

There’s one thing on that island I can’t get enough of, it’s called Dhenghis Kahn. I’m the type of person that likes to try new things but, in the case of the food at The Takatuka Resort, there is no doubt i’m going to order this at least once! Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay there for this trip, but man oh man you have to see the interiors for yourself! they’re outrageous! 

Also on this trip was the first time I ever modelled for my boyfriend :| I’m still debating whether or not i’m going to share the end result with all of you when it comes out. See, Artu is a photographer and something about being the model of a photoshoot with him sorta weirds me out, so I figured that after about a year of being together I said, why not. 

- Hallway lit by my ninang’s awesome droplights in L’Fisher -

- in the ballroom :) i love how it looks almost like origami - 

- in Calea - 

I couldnt wait to get back to Silay, i wanted to chill at home for the first time on this trip. But no, mom made several other plans. Inasal for dinner at Aidas(speaking of which, you should stop by their branch at Makati Cinema Square, it may be a little sketch but the food is SO worth it), shopping in my tita’s store, phototripping in L’Fisher and lastly, dessert in Calea ♥

All in all it was an amazing adventure and i would do it all again in a heartbeat. I already miss all the people i spent time with, from Nik’s Cebu friends to the group i went to Bacolod with. Can’t wait for the next adventure!   

Liquidus Stilla

A couple of days ago I posted a tweet saying “have you ever wanted to witness someone’s dreams come true?” I was referring to the event I attended last April 15. 

My boyfriend is a AB-Photog student, so it’s no surprise that he wants to make it big in the arts industry. I may be biased but i love his photos (check them out for yourself at, so i was stoked when he started to plan his first ever exhibit. 

7 photography students and water was the overall theme of the photos. I was going to take a picture of my favorite photos to share with all of you but i decided that if you wanted to see them, you’d have to stop by the wine museum and check ‘em out! What i love about this particular group of individuals is that each of them has a different style and perspective. There’s Joey Alvero whose photos never cease to amaze me with their amazingly creative lighting. Inna Cristobal, whom i’ve known practically my whole life because we went to grade school together. What i love about Inna is that i’ve known her forever but i had NO idea she was great at photography. Gab de Leon is another one of the 7, he’s Artu’s one and only carpool mate. Gab likes shooting buildings so when you see the shots he chose to exhibit, you see that his attention to detail is (i wish i had a better term for it) super awesome! Another photographer that exhibited was Miggy Beltran, his photos were dynamic and fun cause of the colors he used! Shots Koyano is a macro photographer and if you look at his photos at the exhibit you’ll understand why he’s chosen that as his specialty. I love that his name is shots and he’s a photographer!! it totally makes sense!! :)) There’s Remington Tiu whose photos were also really really amazing! he was my co-g12 user at the event, so although we didnt get to talk (because he’s super quiet) we share a special bond! hahah!!! 

-Artu and my tito Dyords and brother tito Jimmy (photo by remington!)  - 

- even mother came to the exhibit, thanks mom - 

Lastly, there’s Artu Nepomuceno. Honestly, I’ve been an Artu fan since he was just a super talented friend of my best friend Alex. It may sound creepy but I loved waiting for him to post new photos on Multiply. I’m a fan girl, sue me. I remember meeting him and completely regretting not telling him how much i loved his photos. There was one particular photo at the exhibit i was dying to see because he described it to me beforehand. 

- Artu and his cousin AND the photo that he wanted me to see! amazing right? (photo by Remington Tiu)- 

- Leya and Kokie thanks for coming guys! - 

The night was filled with wine and awesome people! overall, i think the night was a huge success! congratulations! 

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More…


A couple of months ago, Artu told me about Switchfoot coming to Manila. I’ve been a fan for… well, Forever. They came to Manila 4 years ago but I missed the concert, I remember regretting it for a really long time! so this time i wasnt about to pass up the chance to see them live.

artu family

The day Artu texted me and told me his sister could get us tickets i was BEYOND stoked. Expecting to get seats really far away, I didnt get my hopes up too much. I guess that just added to the hype that came when i found out i’d have an all access pass and Artu would be one of the 5 photographers assigned to cover the event! 

April 30 - Concert Day! It started out at Pasinaya — which i will write about soon, i promise. Then by 330 Artu and i jetted over to Ultra to catch soundcheck. To tell you the truth, i was BEYOND starstruck when i saw the band come out on stage. Ultra was basically empty, save for a few volunteers and us. And to top off that experience they sang “Always.” I swear that in that moment i was the happiest girl ever. 

- Imago - 

At 7:30 the gates were opened and Ultra slowly filled up. Imago opened the show, and although i dont have a soft spot for OPM music, i actually enjoyed their music. 


- Photo by Artu Nepomuceno -


- Photo by Artu Nepomuceno - 

The concert was SPECTACULAR. Because Artu was one of the professional photographers at the concert, i hung out with one of my close friends, Joe Wu. It took some coaxing but in the end i convinced Joe to look like an idiot with me and sing out all the lyrics to Switchfoot’s songs. I was quite sad that they didnt play 24 like their online setlist said they would but still, it was absolutely amazing. 


- Us with Switchfoot! - 

We Are A Part of The Rhythm Nation

Every year, Barangay Bel Air hosts a community fiesta of sorts called, Pasinaya. For as long as i can remember, i’ve been going to Pasinaya, playing the games and watching the bands and joining in the festivities. Pasinaya is a weekend full of games & activities, with a whole day bazaar, Youth night and performances by people living in the village. 

I only started participating in the actual Pasinaya when i was in 4th year high school. Since then, it’s turned into some sort of tradition i guess. This year, the theme was Classic Pasinaya. 

Friday - First official day of the pasinaya is usually for set-up during the day then at 7pm the community hosts a Kasambahay night. This year, we got to be there during set up because we had practice for the fashion show! 

During one of the breaks, a couple of friends and i went to play the Color Game! On friday night, I was supposed to watch the kasambahay show but i got last minute tickets to see Kaos! I must say, that show was AMAZING! if you havent seen it, I suggest you get tickets and get your butt to Resorts World cause it was great! 

Heehee, we got a picture with the beautiful white tiger! Watching Kaos reminded me of being in Vegas and seeing the Siegfried and Roy show. I’d do anything to go back to Vegas, maybe this time, i’ll be allowed to gamble. 

Saturday - Everything on saturday started out way too early for my taste. I had a 7 am call-time for hair and make up. then at 10:30 it was time for the show to start! 

My friends and I in clothes from Promod

The boys wore Collezione C2. I think they looked very cute in their preppy outfits! I have no photos from the show, but if you run over to Artu’s Blog, he’ll probably be posting the photos soon so keep checking! :)

- Sam and George buying beer flavored snow cones-

- Greggy winning the eating contest!!! - 

After the show, we hung out at the park till it was time for the eating contest in the afternoon. At night, artu and i watched the switchfoot concert  ♥

Sunday - Performance day!!! after the show we hung out, had dinner and danced the night away with music by Spirit of 67. Awesome pasinaya 2011! see you again next year!

- George, lich and Marga before the show - 

- SO HAPPY i got my hungry hippo burger. i swear, i have one at pasinaya every year! - 

- my forever pasinaya partner gregs! - 

Hello Hurricane, you can’t silence my love.

Last April 22 was Louisa’s Birthday! She’s one of my best friends and for her 21st birthday we decided to take a barkada trip at the first opportunity we got! So when CSB finally let my friends out for the summer, we hopped on a plane and flew to…. PALAWAN! 

I like to call this the trip that almost wasn’t. The day before the trip, i got really really sick and I almost wasnt allowed to go! good thing that when i woke up my fever was gone and i was feeling well enough to go! Spent day 1 in the hotel room trying to rest up for the tours we were gonna go on though :( 

Day 2 was so much better! we started off going on a 2 hour road trip to the Mangroves. I fell in love with Palawan right then and there. I dont know how to describe it to you so here are some of the photos from our Avatar-esque tour:

mangroves 1

Those are 200 year old trees!

mangroves 2

We also saw animals! like there was this yellow and black snake, and a monitor lizzard! 



After the mangroves, we went on the Underground River tour. I have no photos worth posting cause the cave was REALLY dark. After the tour, we walked back to the boat and Artu made a few friends.


Day 3 was yet another day of touring the island! Interesting fact about Palawan, it’s 70% forest! so i loved being on the road looking at all the green trees around me! When we hit the dock we hopped on a boat to see all the other islands near Honda Bay. we got to feed the fish and go kayaking and everything! definitely a place i want to go back to! 

honda bay 1


heehee Cheska and Louisa falling off the kayak


As for the title, i’m still on a Switchfoot high. and it applies because while we were at the beach there was a storm hitting Manila! hope all of you stayed safe and dry! 


Martina Bautista ♥
Pasinaya Fashion Show 2011

©Artu Nepomuceno

Photo by Artu from the Pasinaya Fashion Show for Promod :) 


Martina Bautista ♥

Pasinaya Fashion Show 2011

©Artu Nepomuceno

Photo by Artu from the Pasinaya Fashion Show for Promod :) 

Root Beer floats, banana boats, gelato and sorbet.

I dont know if you guys used to watch those Mary Kate and Ashley movies but I did! My title is from one of their You’re Invited movies. My cousins and i used to watch it all the time and i can still sing all the songs!

The weather in Manila has been quite bi-polar recently so i’ve been feeling a little sick. When i’m sick I like to eat “bad” things to make me feel better, one of my top choices of “bad” food is Ice Cream! 

Artu and I went to the Ice Cream Bar at Rockwell yesterday. My appetite is a little loopy right now so instead of ordering one of their amazing sundaes i just got a scoop of Mangoes & Cream. Still REALLY yummy. I love F.I.C.

After we got ice cream, we went to the launch of my friends’ EP! I’m SO proud of them! Check out the Good Morning High Fives Facebook site! They had the walkie talkies open for them so i was EXTRA stoked.

1/2 of the walkie talkies

That’s Joe! he’s from the Good Morning High Fives! 

I left the gig pretty early cause i wasnt feeling well, but Artu stayed so i’m sure he got some pretty good shots of the band’s set. If i were you, i’d try to get my hands on their EP! They’re really amazing and trust me, this band will go far! 

You Can’t Stop The Beat

I am a really irresponsible blogger! i’ve been so caught up in summer-ender activities that i havent been able to write them all down! i promise i’ll try harder.

Last June 13 was my favorite southern boy’s 21st birthday! I made a few plans for the day itself but due to heavy procrastination and bad timing, none of them pushed through. So i decided to make it up to him by spending the day — well, after 2 cause the oldie had class — with him. 

I know there are a whole lot of Frozen yogurt pictures, forgive us, we’re kind of obsessed. 

Eternal Sunshine

Like I said, my EPIC summer is coming to a close and I couldn’t be more depressed about it. Soon I’ll be swamped with work and plates! don’t worry though, i’ll still be posting about my adventures and stuff! So here’s my last hurrah post. 

You’re probably wondering why I have a photo of just Gab and Camie down there, well, when I got home from Fiamma that night I was wondering the exact same thing! Apparently Artu abducted my camera and took their picture(one of the only 3 photos i have of that night) — I have NO pictures of the birthday boy, Joseph Wu, though :( 


The next day Artu and I went to the EP launch of our friend June! you should give her songs a listen when you get the chance because not only is this girl going far, but she will knock your socks off with her creativity when it comes to her voice! I’ll post a link when I find one!

This is a shot from one of her opening acts - Extrapolation. I had no idea they were opening for her but man oh man was I happy to finally hear them play! their band has 3 members from my gradeschool and another member who resembles Artu! (doppelganger moment, it was weird.) 

heavy eyes

And now we come to the last event i missed out on, Spiral! I always thought it was called Spirals but when I checked the sign, apparently, I was mistaken. During Miss Makati, I was required to lose a few pounds. Let’s just say I hit a weight I was not proud of, simply to fit into a gown 2 sizes down from my original size. Anyway, Artu promised me he’d take me to Spiral when I was allowed to start putting the weight back on again. 

The food was awesome. thanks for taking me, Artu!