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First of summer ☀

Although summer hasn’t officially started, my teachers have already been giving us a taste of break by lessening our requirements. I can already feel the school year coming to a close! Last weekend, my family and i decided to get out of town for the weekend - yaaay! I love short out of town trips because it’s like a short recharge before you dive back into all the work waiting for you at home. I must confess, a little homework did manage to find its way into my bag. 

We stayed at my sister’s boyfriend’s (Migs) house in Tali. It was lovely! thanks for having us! 

On the way up, we had a snack at this super cute restaurant called Bag of Beans in Tagaytay. Even if you’re not in the mood to grab a whole meal, i suggest you stop by just for coffee! the front of the place might be deceivingly small but the back has a garden that is too cute to miss.

I finally got some sun this weekend! i’m proud to say that i went there looking a little like vintage bond paper but i came home a little darker than a folder color. yes, i compare my skin tone to paper products :)) 

Even addie got some sun! It took some convincing — and a bar of Kitkat Chocolate — to get Addie to dip her feet into the pool but mission accomplished! 

I missed going on trips with my family. It’s rare that we go anywhere as a complete family, this is the closest we’ve gotten in awhile. Dad had a La Salle event to attend, so this weekend was a Bautista Girl’s Club weekend. 

Ps. Thanks for coming, and driving, Artu! :) As usual, my photos are boring, so wait for his to come out if you wanna see more of the trip :)

Partyin’ Partyin’ Woah.

Sorry for the reference to that beyond annoying song by Rebecca Black but i couldn’t help it. I cant stand the song but the minute someone mentions the word “Friday” I unconsciously sing a couple of lines. 

This weekend was surprisingly really fun. I say surprisingly because i had expected it to be more than lame because my boyfriend and family members were all out on adventures while i spent the weekend at home. Don’t worry, 4 more days and my EPIC summer begins.

So to kick off my weekend, my best friends and i were supposed to go on a “girls night out” at Fiamma. Fail. After a very long week of planning and organizing, most if not all our plans changed. Girls night out turned into just a plain old night out with random friends. 

Meet Cheska and Tetel. 2 of my crazy girlfriends that i spent the night with :) 

I love that i have friends that live right beside Fiamma, its so easy to get them to come out :)

Saturday was more chill and productive for me. I spent the day doing homework then went on a date with my dad. We dont usually eat out when it’s just the two of us at home but I refused to order burgers and eat in front of the computer screen again. We ended up (finally) satisfying my craving for sushi by having dinner in Omakase at Ayala Triangle. 


My date for the night! :) thanks pop! 

now it’s back to work for me. Finals week is here and i’m not done with any of my plates. 

Talking To The Moon

I have this song on repeat on my iTunes. It’s just one of those songs that tug on your heartstrings ♥

The past couple of days have been so much fun that I havent had time to blog about them! So here’s a quick recap of what went down. 

Remember those crazy girls I mentioned in my other blog post? well, there they are AGAIN! This NEVER happens. We always make plans and hope they push through but we’ve all become pretty accustomed to it failing at the last minute. I guess this time was different because what started out as an idea magically transformed into an actual plan! We went up to Tagaytay for the afternoon to try the Zipline, and to eat some mochi… and other food as well!

Do you remember eating mochi as a kid? the kind Dreyer’s used to make? well, i do! so when i found out that there was a store in Cliff House that started selling mochi I was SO excited. sorry for the awkward smile, i was eating when the photo was taken. 

The next day was my sister’s birthday! We had a HUGE dinner at Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo. The food there was pretty good, reminiscent of the food at Lorenzo’s Way in Greenbelt. My sister, Mika, and i were analyzing which we preferred and decided that nothing tops The LJC Group food(no, i am not biased!)

The next day my sister checked into The Linden Suites for the weekend! My mom was getting sick of spending the day with just me and dad at home so we decided to eat there for dinner and visit Addie <3. Yet another dinner with too much food. 

- Earlier that day I baked cookies with my mom. they’re not exactly works of art but my strength is in drafting, not cookie decorating! - 

- The view from her room! - 

I was sure that spending this weekend at home would be a total bummer, but so far it’s been better than I expected! let’s see how saturday and sunday go! :) 

White lines and Red Lights

Yet another song I think you should listen to! I dont know how many times i’ve listened to this song but I really dont think i’ll ever get tired of it. 

I come from a very big family, which means MANY MANY birthdays. My lola likes to make it a point that every time someone has a birthday we have a birthday cake on the following sunday. Granted, sometimes she gets confused and people’s birthdays are rescheduled, but that just adds to the fun. 

After lunch and a much needed nap, we took Addie to High Street without her parents. Trust me, it’s more of a challenge than you think! thank god for ballpens and paper placemats. Addie and i left pancake house right after eating to grab some froyo. It’s funny to hear all her little stories when it’s just the two of us. She actually requested for me to take that photo of us. :) 

We Are A Part of The Rhythm Nation

Every year, Barangay Bel Air hosts a community fiesta of sorts called, Pasinaya. For as long as i can remember, i’ve been going to Pasinaya, playing the games and watching the bands and joining in the festivities. Pasinaya is a weekend full of games & activities, with a whole day bazaar, Youth night and performances by people living in the village. 

I only started participating in the actual Pasinaya when i was in 4th year high school. Since then, it’s turned into some sort of tradition i guess. This year, the theme was Classic Pasinaya. 

Friday - First official day of the pasinaya is usually for set-up during the day then at 7pm the community hosts a Kasambahay night. This year, we got to be there during set up because we had practice for the fashion show! 

During one of the breaks, a couple of friends and i went to play the Color Game! On friday night, I was supposed to watch the kasambahay show but i got last minute tickets to see Kaos! I must say, that show was AMAZING! if you havent seen it, I suggest you get tickets and get your butt to Resorts World cause it was great! 

Heehee, we got a picture with the beautiful white tiger! Watching Kaos reminded me of being in Vegas and seeing the Siegfried and Roy show. I’d do anything to go back to Vegas, maybe this time, i’ll be allowed to gamble. 

Saturday - Everything on saturday started out way too early for my taste. I had a 7 am call-time for hair and make up. then at 10:30 it was time for the show to start! 

My friends and I in clothes from Promod

The boys wore Collezione C2. I think they looked very cute in their preppy outfits! I have no photos from the show, but if you run over to Artu’s Blog, he’ll probably be posting the photos soon so keep checking! :)

- Sam and George buying beer flavored snow cones-

- Greggy winning the eating contest!!! - 

After the show, we hung out at the park till it was time for the eating contest in the afternoon. At night, artu and i watched the switchfoot concert  ♥

Sunday - Performance day!!! after the show we hung out, had dinner and danced the night away with music by Spirit of 67. Awesome pasinaya 2011! see you again next year!

- George, lich and Marga before the show - 

- SO HAPPY i got my hungry hippo burger. i swear, i have one at pasinaya every year! - 

- my forever pasinaya partner gregs! - 

Miss Makati 2011

It has taken me some time to work up the nerve to write about one of my biggest adventures this summer, but here it its.


(from George @Miss Makati 2010) this was from last year’s miss makati, before i had any ambitions of joining.

I’m not the type of girl that usually participates in beauty pageants. I’ll admit, i’m usually one of those girls that sits in the back row and pretends like i’m a judge, picking a favorite and bashing the rest who dont quite fit my standards. My lola used to take us to watch the Miss Makati Pageant every year, 2 years ago, she passed away, but not before she made a joke about me or my cousin joining. This year i decided what the heck, lets do it.

Honestly, I dont regret any minute of being in the pageant. It was thrilling and i learned more than I thought I would. I suppose that being in a competition like this should have brought out my competitive side but it really didn’t, all i wanted was to get the experience I was supposed to from it and learn that you need to try other things sometimes, and that’s totally what i did. 

Jing Monis

We had a make up class with Jing Monis and a runway class with Joey Mead! I dont have any pictures from the Joey Mead experience but i can tell you that without her, i probably would have fallen on my face on pageant night. 


We had to participate in a street parade for the mayor in front of Bel Air!


And a swimsuit competition at Intercon Hotel







Photo by Ram Mendoza


Photo By Filipinas 

It was an amazing experience and i’d do it all over again if i could. One of the questions were, if you could relive one of the moments in your life, what would it be and why? i guess i would choose this because this is the first time i dove head into something unsure of what would happen and came out unscathed and experienced. 


Here’s just a few pictures from what i’ve been up to lately. I guess you can say i’ve been making use of the last few weeks of summer. 

All summer my friends have been spending their Mondays at Rue Bourbon in the fort. and this was the LAST one :(( boohoo. My friend Q brought these super awesome chocolate shots from Europe and we all had a few. 

It was also my mom’s birthday yesterday! :) we has a little get together in my tita’s house with all my family members. it was so much fun! :) 

Burning Silhouette

Singapore day 2 started out at China Town for some shopping! My Owa went a tad crazy in one store, so we spent half the morning there and the other half in this department store she loved. Before we headed out i made sure to take a picture of my breakfast! as far as I’m concerned breakfast is the BEST meal of the day so I never miss it. 

China Town!!

I know i never do this but I’d really like to start. Tip: when in Singapore, wear comfy shoes and something for the heat but something you can throw a sweater over. 

Dress: Cotton On| Denim Jacket: Ukay-Ukay| Shoes and Bag: SM| Scarf: Mom’s

After shopping, we went to this place to try some authentic hawker food! It was surprisingly really really yummy! 

I only brought around the essentials cause i figured i’d be lugging it around all day.

Before the show we had an AMAZING dinner at Daniel Boulud’s Bistro Moderne. It was a great pre-show meal and I totally understand why people love eating there!

Sweater: Zara| Jeans:Zara| Shoes(Current Favorite): CMG| Necklace: Forever21

My title is from a really awesome song from this band called the Good Morning High Fives. Stop by their MySpace and ‘like’ their Facebook page to give “Burning Silhouette” and all their other songs a listen! 

Take Me Away

Yet another GMHF song for my title! Their songs were on repeat the whole trip so I figured it was apt to use it for my titles about the trip! 

Here are some pictures from day 3 :) 

I loved the walls outside Armani so mom and I decided to take pictures with it. 

Shoes, Crochet Top & Bag: SM | Peace Necklace: St. James Bazaar | Leopard Scarf: Mom’s

My lola decided to take a nap so we ended up going around the city without her. We went to the Marina Bay area and went shopping for a bit. 

I fell in love with the architecture in Singapore, this was the outside of this mall my tita Cecile wanted to shop at — sorry, i forgot the name!! but the ceiling on the inside of the building was amazing! it was like an optical illusion! 

Cardigan: Neu Look | Jeans & Top: Forever 21 | Belt: Pop’s | Necklace: Valerie Zein Accessories 

In Ion we found these really awesome walls that changed color every 4-5 seconds! I tried to catch the pink wall but ended up with this instead! 

Right before we left the mall, we passed by the Valentino display window and I took a quick snapshot cause the mannequin had adorable red lipstick on! 

Next To You

School just started up this week and my body decided to go into complete turmoil. I’ve had a fever for the past, probably, 5 days? I’m sick of taking Biogesic and “resting.” Despite how i’ve been feeling though, Addie’s 3rd birthday party had to push through, and, being her ninang, I was enlisted to take care of setting it up! I took some before and after pictures to show all of you! and to show Artu cause he couldnt make it to the actual party :(

I wish I could say I did all that on my own, but I had some help from my mom and a few maids from my brother-in-law’s house. The thing about planning events is, you always need to 1. start with the end in mind 2. design for your client, and not just add things because you feel like it’ll be pretty. Addie’s guests were mostly 3 year olds so I figured that they would be running around on the floor so most of my decorations would have to be high up and out of reach! I guess i should’ve chosen a heavier center piece because little 3 year old boys turned my flowers into swords. 

Little fact about the birthday girl, she’s a HAM! it’s good she has a whole lot of people around her that love taking her picture cause she loves every bit of attention she can get! Note: she chose that dress and kept coming back to it in the store before she finally said that she HAD to have it — gee, i wonder where she got that! 

That’s my sister’s boyfriend, Migs! his tumblr is BEAUTIFUL, you need to pay a visit like… NOW!

Did I mention that not only is she a ham but she also loves wings? and nail polish, and glitters and pretty icing! 

I know, I look ridiculous but I had 3 bags of cotton candy before this photo so I was pretty hyper. I love cotton candy. 

Us Bautista Girls minus my eldest sister. Bestest party ever! I hope Addie enjoyed it too!