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You give me Fever…

Not in the typical “i’m sick” kind of way! I meant FEVER Luxe Lounge :) 

Artu and I and a whole bunch of bloggers were invited to try out the new menu at the Fever Luxe Lounge at Sofitel. The chef, Jose Luis Gonzalez prepared an amazing set of dishes so showcase exactly what Fever Luxe Lounge has to offer. I knew nothing about the chef when I arrived at Sofitel but after hearing Ms. Cristina Del Carmen talk about the AMAZING credentials of Chef Jose Luis, my mouth was beyond watering to taste what he had in store. Not to pre-empt this post but there’s most definitely a reason why this chef is so in demand!

Appetizers - Black Forest Ham with Idiazabal Cheese Mousse Toast, Caramelized Foie with Mango & Lemon Yogurt Ravioli with Basil. 

The saltiness of the ham paired with the Idiazabal cheese complimented each other perfectly, I couldn’t get enough!

As instructed by Ms. Cristina, whom i had the pleasure of sitting beside, I had the Caramelized Foie next and ate it very slowly to get the full experience. I have never really been a fan of foie gras because of the way it’s prepared but this dish made me second guess every feeling I had towards it! It was rich and tangy and the crunchy outer layer surrounding the foie was PERFECTION. I couldn’t help but whisper to Artu that we HAD to come back for more of that!


The last appetizer on the menu was this tiny white ball on a spoon. Dont let looks deceive you, this appetizer is… EXPLOSIVE. The second I put it in my mouth the ravioli popped and let out this refreshing lemon taste that instantly woke up my taste buds! 

Salad - Lobster Salad with Crispy Focaccia, Macadamia Nuts and Truffle Vinaigrette

Personally, I am a salad lover, so I was beyond excited to hear that the chef had fused salad, lobster and my favorite type of nuts into one dish! I was even more pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful fuchsia bougainvillea flowers on my plate! At first i was wary to try them because I had no idea they were edible but they fit in quite well with the perfectly tart dressing and meaty lobster. A + on this one, Chef Jose Luis!


Main Course - Lamb Tenderloin with Confit Potato, Crispy Pineapple and Lamb Jus

I have always been a huge an of lamb, which is why before the meal started I was already anticipating what way it would be prepared for us. The lamb arrived, cooked to perfection with no room for improvement. At first I wasn’t aware this dish had chocolate but once Ms. Cristina — who turned out to be our inside scoop on all the dishes — pointed it out, I loved the taste even more! By this time, the food at Fever had won me over completely.. then I had some dessert… 

Dessert - SURPRISE! Strawberry, Basil and Tomato Sorbet with Grilled Pineapple

The chef decided to pull out all the stops and WOW us with this dish. I swear to you, all of us were too stunned when the first plate came out to figure out how we were going to shoot this dish. (i apologize for the poor lighting) It was so refreshing and sweet with a nice kick because of the basil incorporated into the sorbet. yuuuum. If you were bringing friends to Fever Luxe Lounge and wanted impress them, definitely order this!

Dessert - Pumpkin Cream with Beer Ice Cream

Random fact about me: I’m allergic to carbonated drinks (coke, royal, beer, etc.) so I’ve been completely in the dark about how these things taste. When they announced our dessert had beer in it half of me was excited to finally experience it but half of me was afraid that my body wouldn’t let me enjoy it. Thank God it did! This dessert was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of the meal. Talk about ending it with a creamy potentially guilt-free dessert! Artu and I couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day, YES, THAT GOOD. 

Being an Interior Design student, I couldn’t help but take a few snap shots of the place. Almost victorian inspired with a french twist. Tufted couches and aluminum ceilings. I imagine that Fever Luxe Lounge is the type of place Chuck Bass would approve of, classy and sexy. 

So, if you’re looking to have a memorable night out with your friends or have a nice smart dining experience with your gal pals (yes, i just used the term ‘gal pals’) head on down to Sofitel and try Fever Luxe Lounge! I promise you WONT REGRET IT!

Thank you so much Nyko Rodriguez, Miggy Austria, Ms. Cristina del Carmen, and Mr. Mari Litonjua for inviting me to this! 

Another photo from The Private Degustation at Fever Luxe Lounge :) 

Another photo from The Private Degustation at Fever Luxe Lounge :)