Mr. Jones

Before my mom left for Germany, we went on a little shopping date in Greenbelt 5 to buy her “winter” clothes for the 8degree weather. When we finally decided to take a break, we stumbled upon Mr Jones! I can’t quite decide how I feel about the interiors, it’s a mix of extreme 50’s diner style (hence the chairs and the red leather booths), and (in a way) Neo-Baroque (with the padded wall and mirror finishes). I’ve hadn’t eaten there before, so i was pretty excited! their menu is FULL of exciting dishes! 

I’m such a chocolate milkshake freak, I think I mentioned before how i’m on the hunt for the best one. So far, Brother’s Burger is still the BEST but the milkshake at Mr Jones comes pretty close! The portion is huge and it’s kinda pricey but SO YUMMY. 

Mom’s Black Bean Chili 

I couldnt decide what to order so I asked the waiter for advice and he said they had a seafood dish that had shrimp, dory, and calamari so I went with that. I really enjoyed it! plus, all the sauces were really tasty! 

After merienda, mom and I practically skipped to National Bookstore to buy a copy of my sister’s book: One Crazy Summer! I think all of you should get yourselves a copy as well! It’s by summit books so you can find it at your nearest bookstore or magazine stand :)