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Another photo from Quezon! 

Another photo from Quezon! 

Sitting Area outside the house in Sariaya, Quezon

Sitting Area outside the house in Sariaya, Quezon

Beautifully preserved house we saw on our “walking tour” of Sariyaya, Quezon.

Beautifully preserved house we saw on our “walking tour” of Sariyaya, Quezon.


I know i’ve been posting several photos from the overnight trip I took with my groupmates to Quezon, but I decided it was time to write a REAL post about it. We were tasked to create a scrapbook about an Ancestral House - hopefully one of the oldest houses in your hometown. My hometown is Bacolod and taking a trip there was too difficult to plan on such short notice, so we decided to hit Ika’s province, Quezon! 

We woke up REALLY early to get to Quezon before lunch.

After touring the Enriquez house, we took a short walking tour of the rest of the street in Sariaya. I told Ika I wanted to try some of the food she loves in Quezon.

First off, we stopped at this random house on the street and bought some Pianono. It was like rolled up sliced bread with this weird filling that had the same consistency of Dulce Gatas (This condensed milk based food from bacolod). 

We had lunch in this place called Palaisdaan

We saw this man walking around carrying a big plate of these doughnut shaped desserts called Pilipit. When I asked what was in it, the guy said it was a doughnut made out of squash and coconut jam. 2 types of produce I tend to AVOID. But i figured why not try it, and surprisingly I liked it. The jam got stuck to my teeth but the taste reminded me of Butong-Butong from Bacolod. 

For dinner we went to Ika’s Restaurant in Maubay. I’ve been told that they had the yummiest quarter chicken, and man oh man, they were right. My groupmates had 2 servings each! My pathetic appetite couldnt keep up :(

The next morning we turned into tourists and went around taking photos. 

we all wore blue — no clue why. 

After touring, we had lunch in Ika’s house for the last time before starting our trip back home. I loved travelling with this group cause they didnt mind stopping once in awhile to take pictures on the road! 

We stopped at one more place to eat again before we left. I forgot the place we stopped but we ended up on some street eating Habhab or pancit on banana leaves. yeahp, you read that right, there were NO UTENSILS. it was really difficult to look graceful while eating this. It was so worth it though! And, I couldnt help myself, i bought some 5 peso turon also. yuuum. 

I had so much fun on this trip! I hope the rest of my stay at PSID has more assignments like this <3