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Here's an adventure i'll never get sick of :)

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Last week, we had a styling activity for my Business of Interior Design class. We were given different sets of furniture that we had to set up and accessorize as well as shoot. I’m used to styling fashion photoshoots, so I thought this would be similar. man oh man, I was wrong. It’s so different from doing fashion! I’m so thankful I had groupmates that had a direction they wanted the shoot to go in, so they made it so much easier for me to shoot the set up. (I’d like to apologize for my lack of photography skills before you guys scroll down! i’m quite the amateur when it comes to this stuff!) 

The first 2 shots are from my group’s set up and the rest are from the other groups in our class :) 

I fell in love with the mike bike, if you guys saw all the photos I took of it, i think you’d judge me.