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First of summer ☀

Although summer hasn’t officially started, my teachers have already been giving us a taste of break by lessening our requirements. I can already feel the school year coming to a close! Last weekend, my family and i decided to get out of town for the weekend - yaaay! I love short out of town trips because it’s like a short recharge before you dive back into all the work waiting for you at home. I must confess, a little homework did manage to find its way into my bag. 

We stayed at my sister’s boyfriend’s (Migs) house in Tali. It was lovely! thanks for having us! 

On the way up, we had a snack at this super cute restaurant called Bag of Beans in Tagaytay. Even if you’re not in the mood to grab a whole meal, i suggest you stop by just for coffee! the front of the place might be deceivingly small but the back has a garden that is too cute to miss.

I finally got some sun this weekend! i’m proud to say that i went there looking a little like vintage bond paper but i came home a little darker than a folder color. yes, i compare my skin tone to paper products :)) 

Even addie got some sun! It took some convincing — and a bar of Kitkat Chocolate — to get Addie to dip her feet into the pool but mission accomplished! 

I missed going on trips with my family. It’s rare that we go anywhere as a complete family, this is the closest we’ve gotten in awhile. Dad had a La Salle event to attend, so this weekend was a Bautista Girl’s Club weekend. 

Ps. Thanks for coming, and driving, Artu! :) As usual, my photos are boring, so wait for his to come out if you wanna see more of the trip :)

Fake Tanning days <3

Sorry i’ve been M.I.A. for awhile. i’m back now! 

I’m finally on summer vacation! WOOHOO! and to kick off my summer a couple of friends and i went to my friend, Saira's beach house. I was so excited to take my new camera out that i think i went a little overboard with the photos, here are a few! 

Funny story. We went kayaking to the cliffs and left our slippers on the shore. BIG MISTAKE. when we came back one of my slippers went missing and one of Mars’ did too! Although it was ridiculously hilarious, it was also a huge hassle to go home with one slipper. note to self: bring more than one pair of slippers next time. 

I think this was an excellent summer starter adventure before i left. Thanks sai! :) 

Hello Hurricane, you can’t silence my love.

Last April 22 was Louisa’s Birthday! She’s one of my best friends and for her 21st birthday we decided to take a barkada trip at the first opportunity we got! So when CSB finally let my friends out for the summer, we hopped on a plane and flew to…. PALAWAN! 

I like to call this the trip that almost wasn’t. The day before the trip, i got really really sick and I almost wasnt allowed to go! good thing that when i woke up my fever was gone and i was feeling well enough to go! Spent day 1 in the hotel room trying to rest up for the tours we were gonna go on though :( 

Day 2 was so much better! we started off going on a 2 hour road trip to the Mangroves. I fell in love with Palawan right then and there. I dont know how to describe it to you so here are some of the photos from our Avatar-esque tour:

mangroves 1

Those are 200 year old trees!

mangroves 2

We also saw animals! like there was this yellow and black snake, and a monitor lizzard! 



After the mangroves, we went on the Underground River tour. I have no photos worth posting cause the cave was REALLY dark. After the tour, we walked back to the boat and Artu made a few friends.


Day 3 was yet another day of touring the island! Interesting fact about Palawan, it’s 70% forest! so i loved being on the road looking at all the green trees around me! When we hit the dock we hopped on a boat to see all the other islands near Honda Bay. we got to feed the fish and go kayaking and everything! definitely a place i want to go back to! 

honda bay 1


heehee Cheska and Louisa falling off the kayak


As for the title, i’m still on a Switchfoot high. and it applies because while we were at the beach there was a storm hitting Manila! hope all of you stayed safe and dry! 

Sem Break Ender

I feel like i’m constantly pretending like I study in a school that gives me a break between semesters. PSID is quarterly so when they do give us a break it’s for about 2 days then it’s back to plates and swatchboards. This November has been pretty chill so far though, don’t get me wrong, school is still REALLY stressful but with all the long weekends, it’s been easier to handle.

To end their sembreak with a “bang,” my friends decided to take a trip to Kawayan Cove for some last minute sun.  

I rode in the “south car” with these lovely ladies, Leya and Meg :) 

This was the first time we spent the day at the clubhouse instead of Sai’s house. I am NOT complaining. It was beautiful. 

The girls! (minus meg and i) 

we seem to have a photo like this every time we’re at the beach.

Thanks again for an awesome trip Sai! :) 

Currently DYING to play frisbee again. Thanks for the photo, Artu.

Currently DYING to play frisbee again. Thanks for the photo, Artu.

Beach Umbrella


Beach Umbrella



She Dreamed of Paradise

Obviously Coldplay was on my playlist for my mini-weekend getaway to Boracay. Actually, the minute we landed they started playing The Scientist on the plane — if you ask me, it’s a strange after flight song, but whatever. 

A big group of my friends recently graduated so they planned a trip to celebrate in Boracay last week. Because of school, I couldn’t be there for the most part of the trip but tried to make up for it by escaping the world and following for the weekend.

^ that’s Bea. I can’t remember how long she’s been my best friend but this was the first time we’ve ever travelled together, but I promise you, it’s not the last! Definitely a fun trip all in all. I wish we could’ve stayed a little bit longer, or arrived a little bit earlier though :( I’ll make up for it in November when school is over for sure! :)