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Who Says

I’ve been a busy bee for the past couple of days. Finishing up the term and doing some last minute shopping for my big adventure! I’ll write about that as soon as i get back, i promise! 

Yesterday my mom and i had lunch at Banana Leaf in Promenade. 

I have this obsession with their Roti Canai and their Curry Sauce. yum!

Went to Bizu for macarons and coffee. I read Saira’s post about macarons she found in Mercato Market and had a major craving. Bizu’s macarons aren’t as amazing as i thought they would be but still, they satisfied my craving just the same. 

After a day of major shopping for my trip, i had to rush home to finish some homework and jet off to practice for Pasinaya. I’ll tell you more about Pasinaya closer to the day fiesta itself. 

I FINALLY finished my InteriorDesign1 plate!! it took quite awhile. sorry the picture is slanted, i took it on the way out of the house before submitting it this morning. The theme of this plate was “Your place of wellbeing.” At first i drew a beach/meditation house, but then i decided to be honest with myself and draw a place i find myself most comfortable. I ended up drawing a huge (6 meter) walk-in closet. I LOVE styling and getting dressed up, so i drew a huge closet with a couch to accomodate the people i’m styling and a bedroom connected to it. I’m sorta happy with the result. My drafting skills could be better but for now it’ll have to do. 

Oh! about the title! if you have time, listen to the new Selena Gomez and the Scene song. It’s so cute! 

Mr. Jones

Before my mom left for Germany, we went on a little shopping date in Greenbelt 5 to buy her “winter” clothes for the 8degree weather. When we finally decided to take a break, we stumbled upon Mr Jones! I can’t quite decide how I feel about the interiors, it’s a mix of extreme 50’s diner style (hence the chairs and the red leather booths), and (in a way) Neo-Baroque (with the padded wall and mirror finishes). I’ve hadn’t eaten there before, so i was pretty excited! their menu is FULL of exciting dishes! 

I’m such a chocolate milkshake freak, I think I mentioned before how i’m on the hunt for the best one. So far, Brother’s Burger is still the BEST but the milkshake at Mr Jones comes pretty close! The portion is huge and it’s kinda pricey but SO YUMMY. 

Mom’s Black Bean Chili 

I couldnt decide what to order so I asked the waiter for advice and he said they had a seafood dish that had shrimp, dory, and calamari so I went with that. I really enjoyed it! plus, all the sauces were really tasty! 

After merienda, mom and I practically skipped to National Bookstore to buy a copy of my sister’s book: One Crazy Summer! I think all of you should get yourselves a copy as well! It’s by summit books so you can find it at your nearest bookstore or magazine stand :) 


A couple of days after Christmas, my mom and I decided to spend a little bit of our Christmas money at Powerplant. As usual we ended up shopping through lunch and found ourselves starving by around 230. We decided to have a late lunch at Mamou because I hadn’t tried it yet :) 

The food was EXCELLENT! Needless to say this will NOT be the last time I eat there.