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Monday Roundup.

  • woke up at 4am thinking it was a Tuesday and I hadn’t studied for my Landscape Design class
  • realized it was Monday and attempted to go back to sleep (failed terribly.)
  • Downloaded songs from the CADs concert - my March playlist is filling up pretty fast. I’ll probably make 2 this month.
  • North Adventure to drop Addie in school
  • Breakfast in UCC with my parents
  • UCC breakfast isn’t as bad as I thought it was
  • Amazing & really shocking news about school — maybe i’ll write about this tomorrow
  • Finished 2 perspectives in 3 hours HELL YES, will finish the rest tomorrow.
  • Baked brownies with Little Miss Addie.
  • made get well cards for my sister
  • Last minute shopping trip in Glorietta for a new Polly Pocket
  • lost the polly pocket — we’re in red alert mode looking for the doll :|

I know this is a pretty useless post. I’m bored and still avoiding my Landscape Design homework. If you took the time to read this then thank you! you must be bored too. 


Random Martina Fact: sometimes when I drive home at night and the road is super empty, I take pictures. They always turn out really blurry or the lights are messed up but I actually liked how these ones turned out. 

Recent Developments.

  1. Been way too busy with school work to get any down time. Seriously though, even my weekends are spent doing things for school.
  2. Finals are done! woohoo! Took my last college exam last friday! It ended with accounting though, and as I was passing my final my teacher says to me that I could’ve taken a special test (an easier one) had I gotten 0.04 points higher on my GPA. FML. 
  3. It was Addie’s Birthday yesterday, she was a little ball of energy at dinner with her Belle from Beauty and The Beast cake.
  4. Spent the weekend redesigning the Makati Special Education Center Lobby! Definitely going to post that soon. 
  5. Feel a little bit like i’m drowning in all this work, but hopefully it’ll pay off soon! PSID really does drain the life out of you! … in a good way though. 
  6. Went around school yesterday checking out the new students. They all look so well rested - this will change soon HAHA! Also! hello to any of the PSID freshmen reading this! hope your first week is going well. 
  7. Last PSID field trip was yesterday - photos of this coming soon also! It was pretty exciting to hear about the upcoming trends and stuff. definitely going to tweak my Hotel Design Plate because of this.
  8. In 21 days i’m turning 21! woohoo! So, i’m making a list and hopefully I finish all 21 things on the list before July 17! Message/Tweet me if you have any suggestions on what I should do!

Random Martina fact: school supplies make me happy. I love the supply store and I spend way too much time looking at ballpens and markers.

Random Martina fact: school supplies make me happy. I love the supply store and I spend way too much time looking at ballpens and markers.


I guess when you grow up you learn to surround yourself with people that are good for you and leave the people that aren’t. Honestly, life is way to short to be wasting your time on someone who doesn’t celebrate how awesome you are.