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Lion City

My mom has been wanting to watch a musical for quite some time now, so when she found out that The Lion King was playing in Singapore, she convinced my Lola to take us on a last minute end-of-summer trip. 

Lion King

We stayed at the Mandarin Orchard hotel on Orchard Road. It’s an amazing hotel that’s right smack in the middle of all these malls! I definitely recommend it if you plan on visiting Singapore. We arrived at the hotel pretty late because we took a bus instead of a cab (big mistake, it took 1 1/2 hours). So we ended up having dinner in the chinese restaurant inside the hotel. 

plane 1




I’ll be adding a few more posts about the trip soon! Just prepare yourselves for a whole lot of food and buildings! 

Burning Silhouette

Singapore day 2 started out at China Town for some shopping! My Owa went a tad crazy in one store, so we spent half the morning there and the other half in this department store she loved. Before we headed out i made sure to take a picture of my breakfast! as far as I’m concerned breakfast is the BEST meal of the day so I never miss it. 

China Town!!

I know i never do this but I’d really like to start. Tip: when in Singapore, wear comfy shoes and something for the heat but something you can throw a sweater over. 

Dress: Cotton On| Denim Jacket: Ukay-Ukay| Shoes and Bag: SM| Scarf: Mom’s

After shopping, we went to this place to try some authentic hawker food! It was surprisingly really really yummy! 

I only brought around the essentials cause i figured i’d be lugging it around all day.

Before the show we had an AMAZING dinner at Daniel Boulud’s Bistro Moderne. It was a great pre-show meal and I totally understand why people love eating there!

Sweater: Zara| Jeans:Zara| Shoes(Current Favorite): CMG| Necklace: Forever21

My title is from a really awesome song from this band called the Good Morning High Fives. Stop by their MySpace and ‘like’ their Facebook page to give “Burning Silhouette” and all their other songs a listen! 

Take Me Away

Yet another GMHF song for my title! Their songs were on repeat the whole trip so I figured it was apt to use it for my titles about the trip! 

Here are some pictures from day 3 :) 

I loved the walls outside Armani so mom and I decided to take pictures with it. 

Shoes, Crochet Top & Bag: SM | Peace Necklace: St. James Bazaar | Leopard Scarf: Mom’s

My lola decided to take a nap so we ended up going around the city without her. We went to the Marina Bay area and went shopping for a bit. 

I fell in love with the architecture in Singapore, this was the outside of this mall my tita Cecile wanted to shop at — sorry, i forgot the name!! but the ceiling on the inside of the building was amazing! it was like an optical illusion! 

Cardigan: Neu Look | Jeans & Top: Forever 21 | Belt: Pop’s | Necklace: Valerie Zein Accessories 

In Ion we found these really awesome walls that changed color every 4-5 seconds! I tried to catch the pink wall but ended up with this instead! 

Right before we left the mall, we passed by the Valentino display window and I took a quick snapshot cause the mannequin had adorable red lipstick on! 

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to go on more adventures, and take more leaps. Now that it’s mid-june, I’ve been going over the past 6 months and i’ve realized that another goal i should’ve set for myself was to properly document my adventures! Feeling a little bit like an idiot for not taking the time to share on mart-inabox what i’ve been up to. So, in an attempt to make up for lost time, i’m here to chronicle my trips in retrospect! 


My sister goes on alot of trips for work, and one of the places she frequents is Singapore. I’ve only been there once before, so on a whim of sorts, my brother in law and I decided to book a trip to spend the weekend with her on one of her longer stays. Honestly, my schedule didn’t allow for a long trip, so in between deadlines and events, I managed to squeeze in 4 days of not so relaxing Singapore sunshine. 


Things I love about Singapore: 1. Mobility! We spent the entire first day walking from Orchard to the Marina Bay Sands, and what would normally feel like a stroll through hell and back again, it was actually quite pleasant despite the overwhelming heat and humidity. 


2. Daisies on the train. I love Gerber daisies, and I suppose Singapore wanted to show off by making old couples hand out free daisies at the Dhoby Ghaut station.


3. Sentosa. I’ll admit, the whole man-made beach concept kind of turned me off, but when I started to look at Sentosa as a theme park, it all seemed to make more sense. 



After getting my fill of Singapore beach culture, the rest of the trip was spent shopping along orchard and catching up with an old friend from grade school.